After just a short time of rental property ownership you will learn that income properties can be both very profitable and very time consuming.  While it makes sense for some people to manage their own properties, for most it just takes too much time and energy.  Plus, your lack of expertise may be costing you lost rents and damage to your property.  That's where we come in.

Finding the right tenants: This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of property management and we take it very seriously. All our tenants are screened with background checks, criminal checks, employment history, previous landlord payment history & credit checks.

Rental Rates: We have our thumb on the pulse of local rental rates on a daily basis.  We know what's out there and who's paying what.  We will price your property correctly to ensure both fast leasing and maximum profits.

Collection Rents ON TIME: Collecting timely rent can become a difficult task.  Especially if you do not handle a delinquent account properly and follow the law.  Our collections team is very diligent at staying on top of tenants to ensure timely payments each and every month. 

Marketing and advertising your property: Our leasing specialists will post your property for rent in ALL the major online listings as well as the MLS and Broker networks.  This ensures that we get applications from every qualified candidate looking in your area.

Managing tenants: Managing tenants is critical to the success of your property.  We perform routine inspections to your property and continuously make sure your property is being taken care of by your tenant.  We also work very hard at keeping your tenant happy and keeping your property in good order for them to enjoy.  This win, win relationship ultimately benefits you and the profitability of your rental property.

Avoiding Lawsuits: We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations when renting and maintaining your rental property including local, state and federal regulations. Our property management services can help you avoid lawsuits by keeping your property current and compliant with regulators.

Allow you to work ON Your Business, NOT In It: Hiring a property manager frees up a great deal of your time so you can work on growing your portfolio.

Maximum ROI: Our fees pay for themselves and MORE!  With the use of Key 3 Property Management Group you will save more in maintenance and lost rents then what you pay us.  PLUS, our maintenance fees are never marked up, saving you more than other property managers.

Why Hire a Property

Management Company?

Relieve yourself of the Day to Day aggravation and stress caused by managing tenant(s) and dealing with property maintenance problems!