Do you send out monthly statements regarding my investment property? How do I receive communication?

Each month, we prepare a property accounting report for each property and deliver it to you via email.  If issues arise that need immediate attention we will call you to discuss the best option for correcting any issues.

How does Key3 Group handle evictions? What are the costs involved?

While owning rental property can be exciting, it’s inevitable that you’ll have the occasional non-paying tenant. If an eviction process becomes necessary we work with local attorneys who are experienced in eviction proceedings. The overall cost varies depending on which county the property is located in, and how far the eviction process must be taken. Costs are handled on a case-by-case basis, and we keep you up-to-date on all developments during the process.

Do you provide lawn care and snow removal?
Yes. We typically promote the idea of tenant responsibility for lawn care and snow removal. In cases where this is not possible, or the property contains multiple units, we will coordinate these two tasks.

Do you have your own maintenance crew, or do you contract the work out?

We have both local handyman services that provide maintenance services for us along with a core group of contractors that we work with on a regular basis. This allows us to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum while still providing you with professional grade service.

What is the maximum repair amount Key3 Group will spend without contacting me?
You may choose the maximum cost of maintenance or repair work allowed without contact.  If the cost exceeds the amount you choose, we will first contact you for a thorough discussion of the problem and what the repair will entail before proceeding.

How does Key3 Group approach vacancy marketing?
In addition to putting a sign in the yard of the property, we will also market your property on the MLS, Craigslist, and more than 20 other Internet marketplace rental sites. We also use associate agents & brokers and outside leasing specialists to assist in finding qualified candidates.  

How do you screen tenants?

All candidates are subject to a credit check and a criminal background check to assist in finding quality tenants.  We also verify employment and rental history with previous landlords.

Answers To Common Questions